In your kitchen, you no doubt have a kitchen tool or cooking aid that is a Pampered Chef product. We all have came across someone who is in the Pampered Chef business, and have bought at least one of their products, if not many more. Everybody knows Pampered Chef, so we know there not a scam. But we do have to ask ourselves this. Is Pampered Chef the best home based business opportunity for me and my family to build? I hope to answer this question for you in my Pampered Chef review.

With its roots going back to 1980 the business was launched by Company founder Doris Christopher- an educator, home economist and mother who saw the need for professional-quality kitchen tools in the everyday kitchen. Pampered Chef has seen incredible growth in popularity of products, and tremendous expansion in their MLM business opportunity. As you are aware, they offer high quality kitchen tools, gadgets, cookware, bakeware, cookbooks, and a multitude of other cooking aids. If you are missing something in your kitchen, this company will most likely be able to provide it.

In 2002, Pampered Chef was bought out by Berkshire Hathaway, which is owned by billionaire Warren Buffett. Mr. Buffett has a life history of investing in good quality companies, and taking them to new heights through his leadership. Warren Buffett is known for being the most successful investor of all time, and this says a lot about a company that Mr. Buffett decides to purchase.

If you enjoy cooking, meeting new people, and going to parties, then Pampered Chef has a Multi-Level Marketing business opportunity thats perfect for you.

You will be paid commissions based upon the amount of products that you personally sell. For sales volumes between $ 1 – $ 749 per month, you will expect to see a 20% commission. For sales above $ 4,000, you will receive 25%, and there are other percentages that you can receive between those two extremes. If you can maintain a high amount of sales, and can build a successful team, then you can earn as much as 31%.

They advertise on their website, that if you hold two cooking shows a week, that you can make $ 850 per month. If you hold four shows a week, then you can receive as much as $ 1,800 per month.

In my opinion, Pampered Chef is as legitimate as they come. They offer a wide selection of products that can be sold to nearly anyone. Pampered Chef is a very well-known name, and you will not have any problem with legitimizing yourself in your business.

The demanding environment and schedules have forced countless families to have their meals on the run or over pizza boxes. This phenomenon is being changed by Pampered Chef; there tools have been proven to reduce kitchen time by up to 60% providing people more time with those they love and bringing back family meal time.

The Pampered Chef provides recipes and kitchen products for preparing delicious meals that can bring back the old tradition, families eating together at a dinner table. Back in 1980, Doris Christopher founded Pampered Chef targeted to the family dinner environment. Though not a chef herself, she was a working mother who recognized a necessity for professional working kitchen tools at a reasonable price. Incorporating her teaching qualifications, she showcased the Pampered Chef products with in-home cooking demonstrations.


The Pampered Chef products include professional-quality kitchen tools such as:

Kitchenware – Such as measuring tools and peelers
Pampered Chef Cookware – Including skillets and stainless sauce pans with a life time guarantee, as well as serving ware and rice cookers
Bakeware – For delicious pastries, cakes and cookies!
Stoneware – High quality baking tools
Bamboo – Including cooking sets, tongs, bowls, etc.
Cutting Edge – The high-class professional-quality cutting ware that no kitchen should be without
Miscellaneous – Other products include outdoor serving sets and BBQ tools, and items great for entertaining guests such as serving platters, napkin rings, table placements, etc.
as well as an impressive collection of CookBooks that they themselves put out!


Pampered Chef products offer a complete line for kitchen preparation and serving family and guests. The company chose individual direct sales as its distribution method. Pampered Chef consultants put on in-home cooking demonstrations also known as “Cooking Shows.” Pampered Chef claims that in excess of 1 million Cooking Shows are held each year, and more than 12 million customers have been served with their high-quality products. They also offer products through Catalogs call Catalog Shows that are similar to the Cooking Shows but with out the Pampered Chef actually there. These are perfect if you dont know a Pampered Chef in your area and/or already have one. They are now also offering individual orders via there personal websites like – this is a really good one I have ordered through there personally several times. The owner is nice and polite and will go out of his way to help you with anything you need. Thats right I said his; he is a male Pampered Chef and thieving with the Business. If any of you think this is a perfect fit for you I suggest talking with him or even better signing on through him. Ive heard all of his prospects are doing rather well also; so he knows what he is doing.


Pampered Chef has corporate headquarters located in Addison, Illinois, with 750 corporate employees. Their distribution sales force is comprised of about 60,000 independent Pampered Chef consultants worldwide.

The Pampered Chef Consultants have eight levels to achieve their goals, going from direct sales to National Executive Directors. With no requirement to keep inventory in your house, Pampered Chef has made it easy to enter the business as an independent distributor. To support the independent distributors, the company has training such as web courses, tele-classes and local sales meetings with advanced sales reps and national events. The owner of the website above also offers his downline 100 verified new leads every month of people that are interested in owning there own company; this is a huge difference when starting this business.

All Pampered Chef Consultants are given marketing tools including catalogs, brochures and a personalized website. Although you aren’t required to maintain inventory, you are required to purchase your own demonstration tool kit for a greatly reduced price of $ 155, which is a $ 570 value. Also this can be reduced by hosting your own party by $ 40 making this kit only $ 115. They have a mini kit that is $ 80. Its good to get started but lacking in many of the products its about a third of the regular kit. I highly suggest getting the Main kit if you cant afford that much talk to the owner of about getting things set up to get it reduced!

The Pampered Chef consultants are free to choose their own hours, full-time or part-time. There isn’t a quota from the company. You can decide your own goals. Income is commission based on a sliding scale of total sold per show. The minimum commission is 20% but goes to 25% for a show with sales more than $ 4,000. Average earnings are around $ 1,300 per month for performing just one show a week. As with any mlm, building your own team of distributors improves your income tremendously but you can also earn jewelry, free vacations and other products.

In addition to earning vacations, jewelry and other products, Pampered Chef Consultants have unlimited opportunity to earn money and make a great living. All the tools an individual would need to succeed as a Pampered Chef consultant are provided from the variety of help and training and the one-on-one time with other consultants and directors, plus signing up with the owner of offers you the amazing 100 verified new leads every month of people that are interested in owning there own company making this a terrific opportunity for a full-time or part-time career. Remember that is only offered when signing up with him through the contact info below.
Or Call: 206-497-5598

Signing up with the owner of offers you the amazing 100 verified new leads every month of people that are interested in owning there own company making this a terrific opportunity for a full-time or part-time career I highly suggest doing this. Remember that is only offered when signing up with him through the contact info below.
Or Call: 206-497-5598

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