Ragnarok Tactics - First Look Introduction, Character and Job list ?Lets Play ???

Ragnarok Tactics English Version for PSP The game is considered a spin-off to the original game in the series Ragnarok Online Official Website JAP www.raghika.jp Official Website ENG ragnarok-tactics.com Game Trailer www.youtube.com Available For Download at PSN and you can Buy it on www.play-asia.com www.yesasia.com The game’s story begins with two nations, Branshaldo Empire and the Aura Republic, at war with each other over possession of an area of land called the Grantria Peninsula.The nations call a truce, but relations remain poor, with the fear of war erupting again constantly looming.The player gets to chose which party they side with, determining which side of the story. also known as Ragnarok Tactics The Imperial Princess of Light and Dark is a SRPG, based on the world of the Ragnarok MMO its a Turn-based tactical Role-playing game Customizable characters and job classes with skills that the player can change. The game also has multiple endings and allow players to exchange items with each other or compete head-to-head via Ad Hoc,
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