This is my attempt at a Mario AI using a path-finding algorithm called A*. The bot won both Mario AI competitions this year! You can see the path it plans to go as a red line, which updates when it detects new obstacles at the right screen border. It uses only information visible on screen. At the “close call” situation: In this? version of Mario, when you’re jumping while sliding on a wall, you jump backwards and upwards away from it. That’s what the AI did twice to get out of the hole. This is possible in this version of Mario, which is a Freeware Java clone. See the links below for more info. The source code is now available on my homepage! More info: Competition: My Project Page: A star: Enjoy 🙂 *Update*: My Mario AI won the ICE-GIC conference competition this year! Yay!

Hi guys, its very simple. All you have to do is just download Cloud browse from the app store! and enjoy your videos after that! It should work with any apple products that have the app store. Its only available in the usa and when I bought it was free, now I think it cost .99. Check out my updated video it should work for all countries. Follow me on twitter: To get the most updates news and rumors check out my website! Like my page!