College experience is something that every student remembers for the rest of his/her life. College life is an entirely new territory for students because it is the time where everything in life has to be started again. However, in terms of academic progress technology has made remarkable achievements. Who would have thought a few decades back that any type of information can easily be accessed with small palm sized gadgets like the I Phone. Something that can perform multi tasking from contacting to friends and family members to seeking academic information to write academic papers such as essays, term papers and research papers. The purpose of this article is to highlight some I Phone applications that can help students a great deal to write their essay assignments. Read below to find useful information on certain I Phone applications.

Application for Mathematical Calculations

Mathemagics Lite is an I Phone application which students can use to write their math papers. This application is much handier than a standard calculator as it can perform a number of mathematical operations including division, multiplication, subtraction and addition. It not only provides solutions to calculations performed but also provides detailed explanations of each mathematical task performed (Helium).

Maps of World

Geography is an essential subject during college studies. The new I Phone gadget provides access to applications that can provide geographical locations of every country in the world. In addition, it also provides historical facts and figures related to ancient times. Students can make use of this application when writing history papers.


This is a navigation application where students can locate and find places. It is same as the GPS system used in cars (Helium).

No matter what gadgets you use writing papers is a necessity during college studies. If you are having problems writing academic papers you can our seek custom writing services as we comprise of the writing team that can provide you academic papers according to your specifications.


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