It may seem like it has been around for decades, but eBay is still only 15 years old. The world-famous auction site, self-styled as ‘The World’s Online Marketplace’, is a multiple billion-dollar business with millions of individual products listed, bought and sold online every day.

And while the company is worth big money, did you know that you could earn from it too? There are a growing number of online entrepreneurs who use eBay as a second income – or better yet, as a main job.

So how can you start an eBay business? What are the steps you must take to get selling and turning a profit?

Locate your bargains

Whether it’s at a load of local charity shops, car boot sales or discount chain stores, you need somewhere from which you can sell your eBay bargains. If you’re looking to sell on eBay and make good money then you’ll want a constant stream of quality products moving in and out of your premises that you can sell at a profit, so it’s vital to know where you can get your products from.

Arrange self storage solutions

Unless you live in a mansion, or have a large room that you can solely dedicate to holding and storing your eBay goods before selling them, it’s very advisable to find a self storage solution near your house. There, you can ensure that your goods are kept completely safe and secure – while you won’t spoil your home with clutter and goods everywhere.

Organise, organise, organise

In your self-storage area it is very easy for your stuff to get confused and lost, even in a small space. So be sure to label or store your items correctly – whether they’re yet to be listed, in the bidding process or waiting to be sent. Your life will be so much easier with a well-organised area. 

List and describe your products correctly

It’s surprising how much money you can make by doing the simple things right. Merely by taking a number of high-quality photos and describing your item in great detail, you’re increasing the chances of people choosing to bid on your item – while there’s also a much lower chance that they receive something they don’t actually want.

Maintain your customer service

When you’re on eBay, you’ll probably notice the star and the number next to your name – that’s the seller ranking and the amount of people that have bought and sold from you. Next to those will be a percentage of happy customers, and if you’re looking to make money from eBay then this customer satisfaction percentage will need to be as close to 100% as possible. If you do receive a negative review, contact the buyer and see if there’s anything you can possibly do to change their mind and keep your reputation intact.

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